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>>   11-storied Election Commission
Building with 2-basements for
Bangladesh Election Commission

>>   Establishment of Multi-storied
Car Parking with one Basement
for BIRDEM Hospital

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Completed Works


Urban Area Development and Environmental Improvement Project at Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong, Client: UDD

Landuse/ Master Plan of Noakhali Zila Shahar, Lama, Thanchi Upazila Shar of Bandarban Zila., Client: UDD

Landuse/ Master Plan of Chandina, Daudkandi and  DebidwarUpazila shahar in Comilla Zila., Client: UDD

Landuse/ Master Planof Comilla Zila Shahar and Austagram, Bhairab and Nikll Upazila Shahar of Kishoregonj Zila., Client: UDD

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