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>>   11-storied Election Commission
Building with 2-basements for
Bangladesh Election Commission

>>   Establishment of Multi-storied
Car Parking with one Basement
for BIRDEM Hospital

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Scope of Services

As an independent Consulting company, Engineering Consultants and Associates Ltd. (ECAL) has no commercial, manufacturing, supplying or contracting interests. The firm complies with the requirements of the international agencies.

An integrated consulting firm, ECAL renders services in the major fields of activity that include:

"        Landscaping architecture
"        Architecture and urban planning
"        Civil and hydraulic structures
"        Economic analysis
"        Environmental management
"        Industrial planning and engineering
"        Management consulting
"        Regional development planning
"        Topographic survey
"        Landuse survey
"        Digital Survey
"        Geological and soil survey
"        PRA surveys
"        Traffic& Transport surveys
"        Environmental surveys
"        Agricultural survey.
"        Structural surveys
"        Hydrological investigations
"        Investigation of structural failures
"        Soil investigation and analysis
"        Transportation, planning and engineering
"        Telecommunication Engineering.
"        Water supply and sanitary engineering
"        Acoustics and lighting
"        Interior design and furnishing

Within these general fields, separately or collectively Engineering Consultants and Associates Ltd. offers a wide range of services. These services include all stages in project cycle i.e. planning, programming, design, administration, construction management and supervision of projects. More specifically, the services comprises the following:
  • Pre-investment Studies
  • Project Implementation
  • Promotional Services
  • Photogrammetric works